Instagram Resource Roundup

by Nicolette Tallmadge

Instagram Resources

I’ve been on an Instagram kick lately. I started my account waaay back in 2012, but I really hadn’t started getting into it until this year. As a result I’ve had a pretty extensive crash course on Instagram and the many ways to use Instagram for promoting your art. Here is a roundup of up some of the most useful articles, apps and resources I’ve found on Instagram.


Interested in an depth course in how to use Instagram for your business? These are two CreativeLive courses I found to be most helpful:

Apps & Services
There’s a ton of apps and services that you can use to make your Instagram posts stand out and to help simplify your posting. Here’s some of the ones I used:

  • WordSwag– A paid app that can help you create lovely Instagram posts by overlaying typography over photos. I posted a very brief review of WordSwag in my previous post “What’s on Your Phone?
  • Flipagram– This free app allows you to create slide shows on your phone that you can post on Instagram and other social media services
  • Hyperlapse– This free app from Instagram helps you to record time-lapse video for Instagram
  • Repost– Instagram doesn’t have an easy way for you to re-share photos from other Instagrammers. Repost allows you to easily share the posts from other Instagrammers on your stream
  • Lapse It– While Hyperlapse is great for shooting time lapse video, it won’t time lapse an existing video. Lapse It is a paid app that allows you to speed up existing videos so that you can easily share a longer video on Instagram
  • InstaCollage– Collages are a popular way to include multiple pictures in a single Instagram post. InstaCollege provides dozens of different collage templates and effects to choose from
  • Layout– This is a brand new app from Instagram that also allows you to create photo collages. While it doesn’t have all of the features of a collage app like InstaCollage, there’s some pretty cool features in there that sets it apart
    Canva– This is not an app, but rather an online photo editing service that allows you to create some rather sophisticated images formatted for a variety of social media platforms, including Instagram
  • TakeOff– This app helps you to schedule your Instagram posts by sending you a reminder to post when at a certain time. TakeOff will figure out when the best time to post your content to Instagram depending on the activity of the people following you. It’s currently a free app and you’re able to use it with multiple Instagram accounts
  • ScheduGram– This is an Instagram post scheduling service. Unlike the TakeOff app, ScheduGram posts your content for you. There is a monthly fee to use ScheduGram

Instagrammers to follow
One of the best ways to learn how to use Instagram is to dive in and find interesting folks to follow. Here is a list of my favorites:

  • bookhou– showcases the work of bookou, a multidisciplinary studio that specializes in the small production of items made of natural materials. Some very lovely product photography here
  • Canva– If you’re a Canva user, or if you want some inspiration on how to create better graphic images for Instagram, be sure to follow Canva’s Instgram feed
  • designsponge– the Instagram account of Grace Bonney of design*sponge. Some lovely examples of interior and natural photography
  • ohjoy– the Instagram account of designer and blogger Joy Cho of Oh Joy!. This account has a great mix of both personal images and posts promoting the Oh Joy! blog
  • warbyparker– Warby Parker is a manufactorer of prescription eyewear and sunglasses. But their Instagram stream is anything but boring. If you’re looking for creative ways to feature an ordinary product this is the place for ideas
  • effiespaper– This is the Instagram account of stationery company, Effie’s Paper. I love following this account because 1) I love stationary and 2) the product and promotional photos are rather creative. If you’re looking for an example of how to use Instagram to promote your business, you can grab a few ideas here
  • nois7– I follow digital artist Robert Jahns purely to be wowed. All of the slightly surrealist photos on his Instagram feed were created using only using a phone. PS- He also sells prints of some of his most popular images
  • brahmino– Another photographer, Simone Bramante…more lovely images
  • sprinklescupcakes– Food based photography is a pretty popular topic on Instagram. Sprinkles cupcakes has some very creative and drool-worthy posts that feature their cupcake bakery and products
  • vervecoffee– I’m not a big coffee drinker but following the Instagram stream of Verve Coffee Roasters might convert me. They do a great job of creatively showing how coffee is transformed from beans to a lovely cup to be enjoyed. Some great ideas on how to document your creative process
  • the4bookclub– I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I am a big book nerd. In additions to posts on book suggestions, I love the way this Instagrammer encourages interaction through regular book giveaways, reading recommendations, and the weekly Friday “What are you reading” posts
  • abeautifulmessofficial– Did I say I love stationery? Well I also love the Instagram account of stationer’s A Beautiful Mess. Yes, they do post pics of stationery. But they also post pictures of their craft tutorials, funky ways of creating messages with food and other materials, and just plain creative photography. Lots of ideas here
  • hnicholsillustration– Fashion Illustrator Holly Nichols uses her Instagram account to showcase her lovely fashion illustrations and to direct people to her Etsy store. This is a great example of how to tightly focus an Instagram account while keeping the imagery fresh
  • finalcutking– If you want to see how creative video on Instagram can be, check out Instagrammer, Zach King…and prepared to be amazed and amused

Your turn! What are your favorite Instagram resources? Share your resources and post a link to your own Instagram account in the comments below.



Each Monday I’ll share some motivational quotes for artists to help you get a good start on your week.

Last week I read an article by blogger and speaker James Clear in which he sited a story about how nine hospitals in Michigan cut the infection rate of I.CU. patients by 66% within three months. With one simple method, they save 75 million dollars and saved the lives of more than 1,500 people. What was this method? A simple checklist. A doctor named Peter Pronovost found that most infections found in I.C.U. patients resulted from a doctor skipping a step or two in their procedures, steps that were already known to be effective in reducing the risk of infection. By implementing a simple 5 step checklist, doctors stopped skipping steps in their procedures, and achieved dramatic results.

Most of the time, big results comes from mundane solutions…a series of small things that we already know works. Sending out thank you notes to customers. Answering emails in a timely manner. Using a checklist to ensure that order shipments are correct and timely. Making a certain number of sales calls every day. Completing a marketing task each day. Some times the best tools for success are the simple ones. Like a checklist, or a workflow, or a daily ritual, or a habit. What simple thing can you start doing more of regularly?


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