Apparently even the good folks at Pinterest knows that I spend an inordinate amount of time there, because last week I got an email from them asking to test out a new feature.


So of course I agreed. A week later I noticed something different on all of the pins. At the bottom of each pin there is a new section named “Community Questions”.


Pinterest is testing a question and answer feature on it’s pins. If you find a pin on Pinterest that you have a question about, perhaps it’s a piece of artwork and you want to find out who the artist is or it’s a pair of great boots and you want to find out where they’re being sold, you can ask the question right on the pin.


The question goes out to other pinners in the community. When you get an answer, it shows up in your notifications and on the pin.




Sometimes you’ll get questions from other pinners in your notification feed where you’ll have the chance to answer.


Right now, it’s only being rolled out on the web and iPhone versions of Pinterest to a limited amount of Pinterest users. If you got an email like the one I got, then you can be enrolled in the testing period and try it out for yourself. Since the new feature is only in testing at the moment, I don’t know when or even if this will be available to everyone later. But if you have the opportunity to join the test, I’d suggest that you do so and enjoy the fun.

How useful would this feature be? I’m not quite sure at the moment. If this feature is rolled out and it takes off, it could be another way for you to stand out on Pinterest by answering questions and being the go to person for getting questions answered. It might be that you can start using Pinterest as another opportunity for customer service by answering pins about your artwork. Or pinners may discover even more useful ways to use this feature…only time will tell. I’ll update as I learn more.


After-the-JumpA great podcast episode, or rather episodes, landed on my listening rotation this morning. If you’re new to using blogging and social media to promote yourself, or even if you’ve been doing it for while and feel like you’re in a rut, then you’ll want to check out this podcast episode by Grace Bonney called Expressing Your Voice Through Social Media”.

If you are a frequenter of design blogs, then you probably are very familiar with Grace Bonney’s blog Design*Sponge. In addition to Grace’s awesome blog, she also has a podcast show on the Heritage Network called “After the Jump” where she has conversations with designers, makers, and store owners about the design industry, trends, and common challenges designers and makers face on a day to day basis.

In this episode, Grace talks about how to find your voice and how the world of blogging and social media has changed in the past few years. There are actually two versions of this topic. The first version is an episode that Grace did with the managing editor of Design*Sponge, Amy Azzarito back in 2012 where it was more of a free flowing discussion about blogging and social media in general. The new updated episode, Grace has more direct tips and advice on using various social media platforms to find your voice, how to create content, and how to be found. I’d recommend either version and if you have time, try listening to both as they’re only around 30 minutes long. You can listen to 2012 version here and the 2014 version here.

Happy listening!

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