The unfed mind devours itself
Each Monday I’ll share some motivational quotes for artists to help you get a good start on your week.

A lot of artists can be a rather solitary lot. Routine can also be a great tool for artists to being productive and getting at their best work. But as in everything, there can be too much of a good thing. Too much solitude, too much routine, doing too much of the same thing can also stunt us.

Just like our physical bodies, our minds need to be active, exercised, “fed” with new challenges, new information, new activity, and new skills. Feeding the mind means many things. It could mean reading more books, watching more documentaries or films. It could mean stretching yourself and mastering something difficult. It could mean changing up your routine. It could mean getting out and socializing with others.

And just like in physical exercise, the difficulty of the mental challenge, the quality of what you’re feeding your mind also matters. While all mental activity is better than none, what’s easy and comfortable is not as helpful as the activity that requires effort. Do you find getting out being social a bit of a stretch? Try it and improve on your networking or social skills. Like to hang around in familiar places? Travel to someplace new. Like to always be in a crowd? In that case, try doing something solitary like mediation. Take a class in something that’s totally out of your comfort zone. Learn a new language. Learn an how to play an instrument.

What can you do this week to help feed your mind? Read that book you’ve been meaning to get to? Have a great conversation with friends and family? Attend a cultural event? Enroll in that class you’ve been meaning to take?


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