Art Marketing: 5 Creative Pinterest Pins for Artists

by Nicolette Tallmadge

Pinning great content on Pinterest is a key way to gain a bigger following. While repining what you find interesting on Pinterest is a good way to start, you should aim to pin as much new, interesting content to your pinboards as possible as opposed to recycling what’s already on Pinterest. Here are 5 ideas for creative pins that you can add to your Pinterest board.

1. Pin customer-made images of your artwork– Some artists encourage their customers to take photos of them using or wearing the handmade item they created so they can share them on their blog or website. Take this one step further by creating a pinboard specifically for customer submitted photos and pin those images there.

2. Pin photos from your life as an artist– People love getting a behind the scenes glimpse into the life of an artist. Create an “artist’s life” pinboard  and start pinning photos of your life as an artist. Good photos to pin would include works in progress, special events like open studios and exhibitions, you working in your studio, interesting tidbits from family life.

This pinboard by XO Handworks shows behind the scene images of this artist's studio.

3. Do “inspired by” pins– A lot of artists have an inspiration notebook or diary where they store clippings and images and even objects that inspires their art. Now you can expand that idea to creating an inspiration pinboard where you can pin links, images, books, movies, songs, and ideas that informs your own work.

4. Pin art related Twitters that you follow– A great feature of the free Pinterest service Pinstamatic is the ability to create pins from Twitter profiles. If you’re also on Twitter, use Pinstamatic to pin the Twitter profiles of some of your favorite Twitters that you follow.

5. Do “lifestyle” and special interest pins– If you items that appeal to a specific segment of the population such as teachers, caregivers, tennis players, etc; pin items that relate specifically to their interests and try to tie it back to your art in some way. For example, since I make and sell jewelry, I created a pinboard named “Cool Ways to Store Your Jewelry” that has pins of creative jewelry storage and display ideas. Try to figure out something similar for your pins.

My pinboard, "Cool Ways to Store Your Jewelry" appeals to customers who purchase my jewelry

And there you have it! Try using some of these pin ideas to create unique pin content for your Pinterest pinboards.

Want more creative pin ideas? Check out 25 Creative Pins for Artists. It comes as bonus with my Pinning Power Pinterest Video System. Check it out here.

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