Website Marketing: Facebook Page Changes

by Nicolette Tallmadge

If you have a page on Facebook, you’ll notice something distinctly different about it the next you time you take a look. Facebook is now transitioning Facebook pages to look and act more like Facebook profiles.

Instead of the “boxlike structure of the old Facebook page.

The new Facebook page now has the Wall/News Feed that you should be familiar with from Facebook profiles front and center. Like profiles, your company information, photos, and applications are placed into tabs. And now your Facebook page now has a status box just like a Facebook profile. You also have the ability to decide what “tab” non-fans automatically land on and what “tab” fans will see first. So you can funnel fans directly to your “Wall/News Feed” tab to see your latest updates and non-fans to your “Info” tab to learn more about you. And Facebook has also lifted the 5,000 friend limit on profiles.

So what does this mean for your Facebook page? The new design is supposed to encourage more interaction between you and your fans. Since your Wall/News Feed will be front and center, that means that you’ll need to get into the habit of updating the news on your page on a regular basis. Also, if you have your page arranged with custom boxes and/or applications, you’ll find that all of that stuff are now located in a separate tab. That means that you’ll need to go to your Facebook page to make sure that your vital information is still in a place where it makes sense for you.

Fortunately, Facebook is giving you a chance to make changes to your Facebook page before they make your page transition to the new format public. But they won’t be holding your old page format forever. I haven’t found a definite date of when all Facebook pages will be automatically changed over (the Facebook blog says it’s supposed to happen next week), if you have a Facebook page take some time to make your changes to the page before the automatic transition.

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