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Promoting Your Web Site Without Advertising

A little while ago, some one posted a question on The Crafts Report forum about how they could promote their new art site without spending money on advertising. There’s several things that you can do that cost little or nothing that can be more effective than advertising. So I decided to share what I wrote […]

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9 Reasons Why Blogs Are Good For Artists

I just read today’s post on the Art Biz Blog and Alyson was sharing an email that she received concerning her recent four-part series on the benefits of blogging for artists. This particular artist was stating her skepticism of about how blogging could benefit her art… “You have been spending much time on blogs and […]

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Avoiding Phising Scams

This morning as I was sorting out my emails I ran across this message. Supposedly, this is an email from Ebay claiming that someone had filed a complaint against me saying that I won an item and had not paid for it. In order to dispute this claim, I need to click on the link […]

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