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Handmade Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays are fast approaching. Most creators (myself included) are probably swamped with last minute holiday prep and filling in orders from early bird shoppers.

But in addition to our businesses for the holidays, we also have a ton of things to prepare in our family and personal lives as well. Decorating, cooking, organizing gatherings, and of course…holiday shopping!

A couple weeks ago I did a gift guide series of handmade gift ideas on my Instagram profile. I got such a good reaction to it that I decided to post it here on the blog, complete with direct links to the items in the guide.

If you have the time, give these items and the artists behind them a look. One way to support the handmade community is by supporting each other. So if you see an item on the list that would make a great gift, don’t hesitate to put it on your shopping list.

By the way…some of these items are one of a kind or limited edition, so if you see something that you like, check it out ASAP. You never know when it might sell out!


Gifts $25 and under

On a budget? Perhaps you’re shopping for a secret Santa gift or you’re participating in a gift exchange with a price limit. Here are 8 lovely artist-made items that cost $25 or less.


1. seastonefrogEngraved Stone Pendant

2. maiseydesignHi Fi Headphones Pillow Blue

3. alittleleafyTough Cookie Mug

4. azandairaleeGold Handstamped Lace Pattern Ring Dish

5. lambsoapworksSpiced Apple Cider Soap Bars

6. _inthedaylightHappiness Canvas Wine bags

7. ntdstudioPurple Silhouette Book Earrings

8. woodfirecandleApothecary Wood Wick Soy Candle

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Stocking Stuffers

A great gift doesn’t have to be big and showy. Items small enough to fit in stocking can sometimes make the best gift. Here are 8 items that will make wonderful stocking stuffers.


1. houseofblingsWhite Daisy and Purple Flowers Bumper Case

2. jlynndesigneryBe Brave Motivational Notepad

3. happydappybitsMy Little Book of Happy Things

4. clayandclaspChristmas Earrings

5. thewordfairNoel, Joy, Peace Christmas Ornaments

6. mossloveEnamel Pins

7. lazypencilcoWorld Is Too Big Notebook

8. enchantedapothecaryLuna Soap

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Gifts for Creative Hustlers

Got a fellow creative business person on your list? Help them maintain their creative hustle with one of these 8 useful/inspirational items.


1. borntobedesignsBorn to be a maker T-shirt

2. jrykerscreativeYou Got This Print

3. alexrad1974Frida Kahlo Planner
Sorry! This item was recently sold out, but you can check out more of this artist’s items on their Etsy store.

4. schimmelwoodworksCustom Pen

5. smallglow“It’s Mailing Day!” Tote

6. iamlisajacobs2017 Your Best Year Yet Planner

7. wkndpressLetterset Scratch Pads

8. yellowbessCustom Stamp

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Gifts for Her

Need a gift for your Mom? Sister? BFF? These 8 items will make a great gift for the favorite lady in your life.


1. shopwrennKira Necklace Pixie Dust Druzy

2. madeonmainvtTravel Makeup Brush Holder

3. hellopidgepidgeHandwoven Vegan Purple & Buttercup Scarf

4. capecodclutchesTurquoise Anchor Cork Bottom Tote

5. effiespaperPeace, Love & Happiness Water Bottle

6. avaloveshopnycFairytale Trees Charcoal Long Sleeve

7. yuzusoapLavender Sage Bath Bomb Cubes

8. ntdstudioNarrow Links Ojos Bracelet

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Gifts for Him

Stumped for a unique gift for the favorite guy in your life? Check out these 8 guy friendly gift items.


1. thehairyfaceEspresso Beard Oil

2. mancraftedshop375ml Patrón soap dispenser

3. cyberrelicsCircuit Board Keychain

4. sloanestationeryBucket List Desk diary

5. embeemugsYoda Best Customized Mug

6. ironwolfmetalworkingCollege Emblem Metal Art

7. awlxmaulThe “Dirty Rake” wallet

8. loopnthreadsChunky Nautical Hat

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Gifts for Kids

What would the holidays be without kids? Here are 8 artist-made items to appeal to the little folks in your life.


1. animalcrackersbysueStuffed Elephant

2. afternoonowldesignsWolf Hoodie

3. hellojojodesignFelt Button Mum Headband

4. posh.pandaChampagne Bow Boots

5. sealedwithastitchnolaCustomized Backpack

6. pip_and_beanPersonalized Cape

7. myredhandgangBuster Bear Clock

8. imagodeikidsLittle Boy, Big Blessing, T-shirt
Sorry! This item is currently sold out, but you can check out more of this artist’s items on their online store.

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Gifts $50 and Under

Need to find something really special, but not too pricy? Check out these 8 wonderful gifts that are $50 or less.


1. woodforgeshopPersonalized Cutting Board

2. vintagecandy25Personalized Silverplated Cake Slicer

3. sheabeckerSlouchy Gray and Pink Hand Knit Hat

4. lylagracedesignMonogram Heavyweight Tote bag

5. convivialproductionAcacia Planter

6. heike_elisabethOriginal Abstract Ink painting

7. sendaspagramSpa Box

8. love.and.cherishLabradorite Ring

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If you liked this guide, support the artists in it by sharing it on social media and passing it along to family and friends!

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Interview Tuesdays: Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge

In the first ever Interview Tuesday for the Crafted Webmaster I was lucky enough to snag some time with the fabulous Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge. Design*Sponge is a daily blog and website that’s dedicated to interior and product design. Everyday, Grace brings us the latest news in interior design. Design*Sponge has over 30,000 daily readers and has been featured on Good Morning America, New York Magazine, Time Magazine, and Domino among many others. Her blog has been in my RSS reader for at least a couple years. Here’s my interview with Grace:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, NY. After that I’m a fan of design and the “mom” of two of the best cats in the world.

2. Explain what Design*Sponge is all about and how you got started.
The site started as a personal project and grew into a small business very naturally. It evolved from a personal outlet to talk about design into a website where I try to promote and support (through outside projects) the independent design scene.

3. What is a typical day like for you?
Most days involve starting work around 7am and stopping work around 8pm. When you run your own business it’s hard to create a real “stop” and “start” time so I’m basically always researching, building original content for the site, editing content submitted from by our contributing writers, managing projects outside of the site, working on freelance pieces and trying to prepare for upcoming shows and exhibitions we’d like to cover on the site.

That said, there’s usually a break for frozen yogurt in there somewhere 😉

4. I’ve been a long-time subscriber to Design*Sponge and on a typical day you post anywhere from 4 to 6 times a day! How do you keep up with the workload?
Well, for the previous three years I basically never slept and worked all day until I realized I wasn’t leading a balanced life. So we’ve grown the site slowly to include new writers who contribute weekly content and I’ve hired people to help us with ad sales and the growing amount of administrative work that needs to be done. I also try to keep my regular life in balance more these days- I’ve gotten better at making sure I leave the house at least once a day to meet up with friends, local designers, or just breathe some fresh air.

5. What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced running Design*Sponge?
For me, it’s always been about maintaining motivation. If I’m uninspired the site shows it so I’m always trying to test out new technology or add new features to the site that expand on the core mission without growing too quickly for comfort.

6. You have a scholarship program for artists and designers, could you tell us a little about it?
Sure. This is the second year we’ve done the scholarship and this year we’ve doubled the prize money to over $11,000 in funds for undergraduate design students. I just woke up one day last year and felt that if I didn’t focus on supporting the next generation of designers, I wouldn’t really be helping the community grow. The more we support this community the more designers can really flourish and in turn, give us something to write about and celebrate.

7. You’ve gotten a lot of press coverage about Design*Sponge, do you have any advice on how to get or handle the press?
It’s really a detached process for me. I’ve done very little press outreach over the past four years beyond emailing fellow bloggers to announce big projects like the scholarship or large contests. For me, I think press attention is a nice bonus but it doesn’t alter the state of the website that much. So I tend to just take it as it comes and roll with it.

8. You have a lot of different features on Design*Sponge, from the city guides, the mini-trends, the guest blog, and even some podcasts. What is your favorite feature on Design*Sponge? What seems to be the favorite among your readers?
Oh man, I don’t think anyone’s ever asked me that! I’d have to say that it’s the sneak peeks. I really love seeing great interiors- even though it makes me want to redo my home once a week in a completely different style. For me interiors are endlessly inspirational in terms of color palettes, DIY ideas and just encouraging me to look at space a different way.

Right now the Before & After column seems to be at the top [among readers], followed by Sneak Peeks, DIY Projects and then regular “new product” posts.

9. In addition to running Design*Sponge, you also run the D*S Biz Lady Series, could you tell us a bit more about that?
The series was designed to connect local women running design-based businesses. We aim to help them network, build support groups and provide free education on topics like PR/Marketing, Wholesaling/Retailing, Small Business/Legal Issues and how to balance life and work.

10. Do you have some favorite blogs, websites, or podcasts? If so what are they?
My favorite sites tend to be non-design sites. After being immersed in design all day the last thing I want is to read about another chair- so I tend to focus on personal blogs (like and or news sites like the New York Times. But I also have a real weakness for celebrity gossip blogs. I like to give my mind a virtual vacation for a few minutes a day.

11. Do you have any advice for an artist or designer just starting out?
Absolutely- use the internet for the incredible resource that it is. Whether you’re looking to promote, find materials and manufacturers, get market feedback or just connect with other artists, it’s never been easier to connect than it is now with the online design world. Build yourself a simple website or a free blog and start connecting- it always pays off in the end.

Many thanks to Grace Bonney for taking the time out for this interview. Please be sure to visit her blog at

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