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Are you an artist or a creative who wants to promote or build your creative business online?

Are you looking for straightforward information on how to build or promote your creative business online?

More than ever, artists and creatives have the power to share their work with the world. But it’s also become increasingly harder for individual artists to stand out from the crowd.

In this new reality artists and creatives must also become skilled at forging their own path to success instead of just remaining in their studios and workshops focusing on their craft.

The Crafted Webmaster offers practical and actionable advice for artists and creatives on how to sell and promote their work online. My weekly blog offers great articles such as:

The Creative Business Toolbox is our free library of worksheets, ebooks, templates, videos, and guides to help make running your creative business a little bit easier. Some of our tools include:

How to Get Traffic to Your Art Website– This 20 page guide will step you through on how to create a traffic building plan for your website, blog, or Etsy store

30-Minute Email Template– Stumped for email ideas for your list? This template will help you write an email to your list in 30 minutes or less

Weekly Review Template– Keep your plans and goals on track by performing a weekly review

The Creative Business Toolbox is a free resource for all Crafted Webmaster subscribers. You’ll also get our twice monthly newsletter with more useful resources and links for your creative business.

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Who’s that person behind the curtain?

Hello there! My name is Nicolette Tallmadge and I’m the founder, blogger, and chief nerd here at The Crafted Webmaster. I created my first web site waaay back in 1996 after learning HTML for fun in a computing magazine. I used that experience to get a job designing web sites for a living. But I’ve been designing jewelry for even longer than that and for a time I was juggling own handmade jewelry design business while working as a freelance web designer.

I started this website in 2006 after spending a lot of time on the road selling my works at art fairs and craft shows. While traveling was fun, I wanted to settle down and focus more promoting my business online. During my time on the road at various shows and events, I realized that there wasn’t a whole lot of information and help for artists wanting to build their businesses online. I started The Crafted Webmaster as a resource to help fellow artists build and promote their own websites.

Building a web presence has gotten much easier since 1996…but it’s by no means less complicated. Now it’s less about building the actual presence and more having that presence stand out from the crowd. And there always something new right around the corner….a new social network, a new tool, a new technique. My goal is to break down the complex and complicated and help my fellow creatives navigate their own path to success…whether that success is making a first sale, starting a new blog, maintaining a creative side hustle, or building a new creative empire.

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